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Australasian Polymer Symposium 2024

21 June 2023

RACI will host the 38th Australasian Polymer Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand, on 18-24 February 2024.

The Australasian Polymer Symposium (APS) is an event where polymer scientists from Australia and New Zealand can come together with international researchers to hear the latest polymer research from around the world and build new research collaborations.

The 2024 meeting will have seven themes covering all the emerging areas of polymer technology which have most importance for our changing world. These themes include advances in polymer synthesis and characterisation, biomaterials, composite materials and additive manufacturing, polymers for a sustainable future, polymers for energy and catalysis, polymers for health and polymers in industry and translational research.

Members are invited to attend and contribute to the program. More information is available at the 38APS website.

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Membership of Chemistry Australia signals your commitment to the industry and ensures your organisation can play an active role in shaping the future for Australia’s chemistry sector.
By working together, we can have a stronger voice to prosecute the key challenges facing our industry and advance chemistry as a critical enabler of a safer, more sustainable future for Australia and the broader community.

Chemistry Australia Chair, David Hawkins

  • Effective and more influential industry advocacy to complement your business’ strategic objectives
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We offer membership packages tailored to best meet the needs of businesses in, and associated with, the Australian chemistry industry:
Corporate membership for businesses that manufacture chemical products, import, store, handle and/or distribute chemical and plastic products, convert plastics, or are involved in research, technology and education.
Affiliate membership for organisations that represent a sector of the industry in Australia and internationally.
Partner membership for organisations that provide services, equipment and professional development to the industry.
Associate membership for SMEs and organisations in the chemistry industry value chain. 

All membership enquiries are welcome.
Please contact Chemistry Australia on 03 9611 5400 or email .
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