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Join Chemistry Australia and add your voice to drivee real change for your industry, business and customers. Be part of Australia's dedicated network and resource hub for Australia's chemistry industry. To enquire about membership of Chemistry Australia, please contact: .

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The one-stop for the latest industry intelligence on policy and redulation developments, submissions and consultations. Find exclusive member regulation resource packages, technology opportunities, events and networking to support your business development and growth.

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The Chemistry Australia work plans and policy agenda are supported by advisory councils; the Chemistry Australia Council, Plastics Council, Regulatory Advisory Council, and the Emerging Leaders Advisory Council, which report to the Chemistry Australia Board.

Council representatives are from across the membership, and play an extremely valuable role in providing industry leadership, insight and input to inform the work of Chemistry Australia.

Chemistry Australia Council

The Chemistry Australia Council develops and oversees work plans for specific policy areas.  It is also responsible for overseeing the strategy to inform future directions for the industry and the Chemistry Australia priority work areas.

The Chemistry Australia Council has oversight of the Advisory Councils, and also supports the involvement of Chemistry Australia in a range of focused issue groups and alliances with affiliated associations.

Members sitting on the Council represent the diversity of the Chemistry Australia membership, with representatives from manufacturers, converters, logistics, research, and academia.


Plastics Council

The Plastics Council brings together senior executives from the plastics supply chain to progress the industry's plastics strategy and priorities, policy advocacy, and the growth and maintenance of key partnerships.  It has developed the Chemistry Australia Plastics Strategy  with a focus on product stewardship, waste and recycling issues, alongside the development of an Australia plastics circular economy.

Regulatory Advisory Council

The Regulatory Advisory Council advises the Chemistry Australia secretariat on federal and state regulatory matters affecting the industry. Work areas include:

  • Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS)
  • Environmental regulations
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Major hazard facilities
  • The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
  • Transport and storage
  • Dangerous goods
  • Chemistry Australia programs and initiatives to support and promote industry best practice 


Emerging Leaders Advisory Council

A new Chemistry Australia initiative, the Emerging Leaders Advisory Council (ELAC) has been established to advise the Board on future strategic opportunities, risks, strategies and initiatives that are important to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

The ELAC reflects the genuine intent of our industry’s leaders to champion and facilitate diversity within the industry. This new opportunity will support the professional development of emerging leaders within our Corporate membership.  Visit our Emerging Leaders page for more information.

Become a member of Chemistry Australia

Membership of Chemistry Australia signals your commitment to the industry and ensures your organisation can play an active role in shaping the future for Australia’s chemistry sector.
By working together, we can have a stronger voice to prosecute the key challenges facing our industry and advance chemistry as a critical enabler of a safer, more sustainable future for Australia and the broader community.

Chemistry Australia Chair, David Hawkins

  • Effective and more influential industry advocacy to complement your business’ strategic objectives
  • Opportunities to influence the industry’s position on key policy and regulatory matters
  • Timely industry intelligence, analysis, and services to help inform your business decisions
  • Tailored tools and resources to save your organisation time, effort and money

We offer membership packages tailored to best meet the needs of businesses in, and associated with, the Australian chemistry industry:
Corporate membership for businesses that manufacture chemical products, import, store, handle and/or distribute chemical and plastic products, convert plastics, or are involved in research, technology and education.
Affiliate membership for organisations that represent a sector of the industry in Australia and internationally.
Partner membership for organisations that provide services, equipment and professional development to the industry.
Associate membership for SMEs and organisations in the chemistry industry value chain. 

All membership enquiries are welcome.
Please contact Chemistry Australia on 03 9611 5400 or email .
We look forward to working with you.