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Chemistry Australia Emerging Leaders

Hear from our Emerging Leaders on the important issues facing our industry and their hopes and ambitions for the future in three new videos published by Chemistry Australia:

ELAC Video 1: Introducing the ELAC Program

ELAC Video 2: Opportunities and Solutions

ELAC Video 3: Our Ambition for the Future




About ELAC

The Emerging Leaders Advisory Council or ELAC is a 2-year program developed by Chemistry Australia with support from the Board.

Chemistry Australia and the Board created the professional development program to invest in the future leaders of the Australian chemistry industry and ensure there was a pathway to support cognitive diversity into the Board and within the industry.

ELAC’s unique role is to advise the Chemistry Australia Board on future strategic opportunities and risks, strategies, and initiatives that are important to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

Chemistry Australia selected its first cohort of 18 future leaders from its membership in late 2021. Since then, ELAC has met regularly to consider disruption and the conditions impacting our sector.

During their time on the Council, members have received professional development in strategy and conditions analysis along with governance and presentation skills.   Other activities include learning about government in Australia, and discussion of critical issues such as climate, circular economy and the future of renewable energy.  

Participants in ELAC have built valuable networks across the industry and with industry stakeholders and have contributed their voices to the development of Chemistry Australia’s latest strategic plan and related projects.

Chemistry Australia plans to continue developing industry leaders in future cohorts of the Emerging Leader Advisory Council.

For more information about ELAC or any other Chemistry Australia programs, please contact us at [email protected]



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