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Site and Supply Chain Security Guidance


Our Site and Supply Chain Security Guidance promotes and assists the Australian chemistry industry to improve its own security performance.

It is a voluntary framework that was initially developed in 2003, and has since been updated twice in light of the changing threat environment.

The document provides a risk based approach to identify, assess and control vulnerabilities based on the process defined in ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines. It recognises the roles and responsibilities of industry, customers, suppliers and government.

The most recent revision took place in 2010, following the finalisation of the Chemical Security Management Framework and the establishment of the National Industry Reference Group (NIRG). The industry obtained support from NIRG for a joint review of the Site and Supply Chain Security Guidance guidance. A small working group of interested members, and representatives from the Attorney Generals Department, the NSW Premier's Department and Worksafe Victoria, was convened to provide input into the review.

The Site and Supply Chain Security Guidance was endorsed by industry and presented to NIRG, then launched (under our former name, PACIA) by the then Attorney-General of Australia, The Hon. Robert McClelland MP, on 1 December 2010.


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