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Health & Safety Performance Report

Our annual Health and Safety Performance Report is an important long-term initiative of the Australian chemistry industry. It has provided detailed insights into the industry’s health and safety performance since 2000.

The Report also plays an important role in promoting the principles of health and safety to the industry’s value chain partners, external stakeholders, and the broader community. Through the Report and accompanying events and communications, we are able to share examples of best practice approaches implemented by our members and encourage others to take action

Health and Safety 13 years improved performace 

We are proud to present the results of the 2016 Health and Safety Performance Report.

The Report shows improvement for the thirteenth consecutive year against the industry’s key metric, Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR).

There have been no fatalities for the fourth consecutive year, and there has also been an improvement in the total recordable injury frequency rate.

The results demonstrate that our members represent one of the safest sectors in the Australian economy.

Importantly, companies throughout the industry are exploring new and innovative ways to further improve safety. We are seeing automation and technology play an increasingly important role.

This reflects the industry’s absolute commitment to health and safety. As detailed in the Australian Responsible Care® program and our Strategic Industry Roadmap, the industry will never stop working towards the goal of people being safe and free from injury and disease.

Chemistry Australia members also support the sharing of best practices and learnings to help others. The Report includes case studies and insights provided by members that will be valuable for businesses in any industry, particularly where manufacturing, manual handling, transport or warehousing is involved.

Health and Safety Performance Report 2016

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Highlights from the latest Report:

  • Nearly 18,732 employees covered
  • 38 million hours worked
  • Improved performance for the 13th consecutive year (against key metric LTIFR 5-year rolling average)
  • On track to achieve industry reduction target of 30% reduction in workplace injuries
  • Four years without a reported fatality
  • Innovative approaches being used to help reduce safety risks for employees, with automation and technology playing an increasingly important role

Additional resources for participants

Every company that participates in the Health and Safety Performance Report receives a confidential Benchmarking Report.

This valuable tool allows members to benchmark their own results against peers, promote internal discussion, gain new insights and generate ideas to drive further improvements in their workplace.

Related programs

Health and safety is one of the industry’s core commitments under the Responsible Care® program. It is also fundamental to the industry’s social licence to operate, as outlined in the Strategic Industry Roadmap.

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