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PACIA National Plastics Recycling Survey

Since 1992, PACIA has been conducting the National Plastics Recycling Survey, an independent study of the annual consumption, recovery and recycling of plastics in Australia. The Survey plays a key role in demonstrating the value and importance of plastic for short-term and durable products. It also assists the plastics industry to work with government and the community to minimise the environmental impacts of plastic products, which includes recovery and reuse at end of life. This information also helps to shape the future of plastics design, manufacturing and reprocessing.

The Survey is undertaken by independent consultants Sustainable Resource Use Pty Ltd (SRU). The process is a collaborative effort: funding support is provided by a range of state and federal agencies, and a group of industry stakeholders is involved in the development and review of the Survey each year.

A range of data is collected for the Survey, including the manufacture, import and consumption of plastics in Australia, local reprocessing and export of waste plastics for reprocessing, and the uses and destinations of new and recovered plastics. This information covers all sectors of the plastics market, such as domestic, building and construction, and automotive.

The Survey provides reliable data to industry, government and the community. The calculated recycling rates are a key input to the National Packaging Covenant process, and they allow tracking of progress against Covenant targets.

The most recent study is the “2011-12 National Plastics Recycling Survey”, which presents data for the 2011-2012 financial year.

For further information on the National Plastics Recycling Survey, please contact Peter Bury, Director of Sustainability and Innovation, on 03 9611 5400 or


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