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Regulatory Gateway

The Regulatory Gateway provides exclusive access for Chemistry Australia members to our unique toolbox of resources to support your business, including the latest information and insights on federal and state regulation, developments, legislation, codes and consultations.

The toolkit includes:

Regulatory Bulletin:

Save significant time and resources in staying up to date on local, national and international matters that directly affect your business. The monthly Regulatory Bulletin includes a state, national and international regulatory roundup, the Chemical Regulatory Impact Assessment Tool, ad-hoc briefings on current issues and industry consultations, and news on industry-specific tools and resources.

Regulatory Resource Packages:

Find Resource Packages on a wide range of regulatory topics including work health and safety, GHS, transportation of dangerous goods and chemical security. Each Package is a one-stop guide incorporating international, national and jurisdictional interfaces. Packages are structured in a simple summary format to aid compliance, while providing a comprehensive database of information with direct links to Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, guidance materials and regulatory websites.

Quick Reference Guides:

Use Quick guides for checking a chemical inventory, using a classification scheme, preparing a Safety Data Sheet, checking dangerous goods requirements, preparing a label, recalling a product, finding a regulatory body or consultant.

The Wizard:

Access the practical and free on-line tool designed to help you understand environmental compliance requirements and improve your environmental management performance.

Australia Standards Representation:

Access the full list of Chemistry Australia representatives on Standards Australia Technical Committees, and find vacant positions for member nomination.

Committee members are representatives of their industry, consumer associations, government, scientific or academic institutions. Chemistry Australia is a nominating organisation to variable Standards Australia Technical Committees, where member representatives work with a number of nominating organisations to develop standards based on consensus.


Our comprehensive cheat-sheet for the most common acronyms used in the Australian chemistry industry.

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