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Chemistry Australia works to secure a strong and sustainable future for the Australian chemistry industry. One of the fundamental actions needed to achieve this outcome is the establishment of sound and balanced government policy settings that support strong economic growth.

The Australian chemistry industry must be globally competitive and innovative to thrive in the changing operating environment. The industry is proactive in setting a policy work plan to support this vision, as demonstrated in the industry’s Strategic Roadmap. The Roadmap outlines the policy settings and the urgent actions required for the Australian chemistry industry to continue to contribute to a thriving Australian economy.

The Roadmap calls on all Australian governments to put in place policy settings that will provide a path for sustainable economic growth in Australia.

Supporting the broader policy settings outlined in the Roadmap, Chemistry Australia has developed policy position statements in a number of areas that reflect the collective priorities and views of the industry. These statements set out core principles and our recommended approach for implementation and include:


Affordable energy, especially through gas, has been a significant source of competitive advantage for Australian industry for over 50 years. In an increasingly globalised market, the industry is calling for action to ensure that Australia can continue to be globally competitive, attract investment and support manufacturing jobs.

Gas as Feedstock

The Australian chemistry industry is unique in using gas for its molecular properties (as a feedstock) to create a broad range of critical products including: fertiliser and silage wrap for our crops; innovative packaging to keep our food fresher for longer; and cleaning products for maintaining health and hygiene in our homes and hospitals.

The industry is calling for a gas market that is deep in capacity, liquid in supply, transparent, informed, competitive, and with adequate price discovery.

Climate Change

Chemistry Australia supports coordinated global action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Indeed, chemistry plays a key role in this mitigation through the development of more efficient and smarter products, technologies and solutions that help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Any unique Australian response needs to ensure that trade exposed industries are not disadvantaged.

Balanced Regulation

Chemistry Australia recognises the important role of regulation in protecting workers, the community and the environment. A balanced regulatory environment strikes the appropriate balance between risk/hazard and the need for innovation and investment. Regulation must be based on the application of sound scientific principles.

Tax Competitiveness

Australia’s taxation system must be globally competitive, encourage investment and innovation, and provide an incentive to work and take risks.


Chemistry Australia supports open and fair trade. The Australian chemistry industry must be globally competitive and innovate to thrive in the changing operating environment. Open and fair trade helps to drive innovation investment. Sound trade policies improve market access and provide opportunities for Australian exporters, including downstream users of chemistry.

Chemistry Australia members have access to the latest policy submissions and policy position briefings:

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