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Victoria needs urgent action on a gas strategy - 9 December 2015

The release yesterday of the final report from the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into onshore unconventional gas has once again confirmed the urgent need for Victoria to develop a gas strategy, said PACIA today.

Samantha Read, PACIA CEO, said, “The report highlighted the continued uncertainty that all stakeholders in Victoria face in relation to the ongoing use of safe, efficient gas as part of a diverse and competitive Victorian economy."

“At a time of significant opportunity for economic development and availability of eminent science to guide effective regulation, a Victorian gas strategy would provide a path forward for business and communities,” said Ms Read.

“We look forward to working with the Victorian Government on the development of a confident strategy,” said Ms Read. “It is vitally important for all Victorians that we build our knowledge and capability in this State to enable us to develop and add value to our resources. This will create significant opportunities for future industries and jobs.”

Victoria is the largest user of gas in the East Coast market and has safely and effectively used gas as a foundation of its economy for more than 50 years. Around forty percent of that gas employs a significant number of Victorians involved in advanced manufacturing. PACIA is the voice of the Australian chemistry industry, representing companies in Victoria and beyond that use clever chemistry to transform natural gas into valuable products.

"Gas is not only an energy source, but importantly is also a critical and non-substitutable feedstock for the State’s chemistry industry. Gas is transformed into products such as methanol and polyethylene, which are inputs in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals and building products, as well as advanced polymers that package our fresh produce, pipes that deliver our water and gas, and preserve stock feed crucial to our rural economy.

"These are key factors that can drive the success of the Government’s Future Industries Fund in areas such as: Food and Fibre; New Energy Technologies; Medtech and Pharmaceuticals; and Transport, Defence and Construction.

"Aligning the opportunity that gas provides, delivered by a best-in-class regulatory system, with a trusted social licence for land-owners would be key features of a strategic approach. A starting point is to understand the type and amount of gas available by ensuring the ongoing use of conventional gas onshore,” said Ms Read.

Media contact: Krista Imberger – [email protected] or 0439 318 290

PACIA is the national voice for the strategically significant $45 billion Australian chemistry industry, one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the country. The industry employs more than 64,000 people and contributes more than $11.5 billion to GDP in industry value add. Ranging in size from small family-owned businesses to national and multi-national enterprises, PACIA members include chemicals manufacturers, importers and distributors, logistics and supply chain partners, raw material suppliers, plastics fabricators and compounders, chemicals and plastics recyclers and service providers to the industry.


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