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Monash University Virtual Innovation Showcase

2020 Monash University Virtual Innovation Showcase



Monash University hosted the Chemicals and Polymers Manufacturing Innovation Network Virtual Showcase via video conference on Wednesday 30 September.

Led by Monash University and Chemistry Australia with Accord, the Network is a consortium of research projects driven by companies in the Chemicals, Polymers and Manufacturing sectors in collaboration with Monash University researchers.

Chemistry Australia Director of Strategy, Energy and Research Peter Bury and Accord Executive Director Bronwyn Capanna delivered guest presentations at the event, providing their unique industry perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s chemical manufacturing industry.

The COVID-19 health pandemic created heightened global demand for the production of many chemistry-based, health-related products, such as medical supplies, personal protective equipment and hand sanitiser.

Speaking on the impact of COVID-19, Mr. Bury said “In short, the future of the chemistry industry in Australia will be tied to the ability of our customers to help rebuild a pandemic ravaged economy by focusing on several areas.”

“The first is investment and job creation; the second is by increasing sovereign capability for those manufactured, value-added products and services for domestic and export markets; and the third is significant investment in a circular economy.”

Following discussion of the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia’s chemistry industry, PhD students from the Chemical & Polymer Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) delivered presentations summarising their industry related research projects.


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