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Member Regulatory Forum - 13 August 2020

Chemistry Australia Member Forum - 13 August 2020


Chemistry Australia hosted a Member Forum via video conference on Thursday, 13 August 2020.

The Forum provided members the opportunity to receive an update on the National PFAS Position Statement from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. While PFAS in fire-fighting foams have received significant attention in recent years, the PFAS Position Statement demonstrates that Australian and international focus is now on PFAS substances and precursors used in other products and situations.

The National PFAS Position Statement sets out a nationally agreed (governmental) objective for phasing-out PFAS chemicals of concern in Australia.  The first step in this process has been to ask industry to provide information about the types of uses and volumes of PFAS substances used in various industry sectors, and identify viable alternatives.

Similar to the recent online Member Forum and events hosted by Chemistry Australia, the video conference format continues to attract solid member participation, promoting strong member engagement and discussion of industry matters.

Chemistry Australia looks forward to hosting similar events in future.  If you have suggestions for other topics, please email Chemistry Australia at: [email protected].

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