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Member Regulatory Forum - August 2019

All Chemistry Australia members were invited to attend the August 2019 Member Regulatory Forum in Victoria.

More than 50 guests attended the Chemistry Australia Regulatory Forum, which was hosted by Monash University at its Green Chemical Futures Building in Clayton, Victoria.

The Forum provided members with timely updates from representatives of the Commonwealth Department of Health, Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, Victorian EPA, Worksafe Victoria, Safework Australia and EPA NZ.

Chemistry Australia’s Director - Policy and Regulation Bernard Lee said the Forum was an informative event, which brought together regulators from a broad range of regulatory areas in Australia and New Zealand currently impacting the work of members.

“The Forum addressed some of the most topical issues our members are grappling with, including hazardous waste, environmental reforms and market access considerations,” he said.

“We were thrilled to have some excellent local and international speakers at a first-class venue made available to us by Monash University, all of which helped to make the Forum a great success.

“The final presentation by Alex Coward on the Modern Slavery Act was particularly thought-provoking and alerted the group to the complexity of supply chains and the need for vigilance on issues relating to modern slavery.

“We were also pleased to host the first event that combined members of the APMF and Chemistry Australia and fostered new links in the partnership between the two associations.”

The Forum focussed on a number of topical issues impacting the Chemistry sector and our suppliers and customers, including:

  • The new Industrial Chemicals Act which is due to commence on 1 July 2020
  • The new Victorian Environmental Protection Act which will also commence on 1 July 2020
  • Hazardous waste and dangerous goods developments in Victoria
  • The Commonwealth's Modern Slavery legislation
  • Developments in New Zealand
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