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Member Health & Safety Forum - 14 October 2020

Chemistry Australia Member Health and Safety Forum - 14 October 2020

Chemistry Australia hosted a Member Health and Safety Forum via video conference on Wednesday, 14 October 2020.  

The Forum outlined the results of the 2019 Health and Safety Report, with discussion to be focused on industry trends and implications for members. Following this discussion, members will be provided with the opportunity to share information regarding their health and safety experiences and strategies, COVID-19, and any workplace challenges.

Please find more information about the 2019 Health and Safety Report by clicking on the following link.

The Forum also covered a number of current regulatory developments, including AICIS, Dangerous Goods, MHF buffer zones in Victoria, Global developments regarding PFAS and precursor chemicals,

Victoria EPA reforms, Illicit drug precursors and the Electronic End-user Declaration, and the review of Workplace Exposure Standards.  

The member forum coincides with National Safe Work Month in October, which focuses on the theme of ‘Work Health and Safety through COVID-19’.

Chemistry Australia looks forward to hosting similar events in future.  If you have suggestions for other topics, please email Chemistry Australia at: [email protected].

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