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Member Forum - Victorian DG Review and AICIS Cost Recovery - July 2020

Chemistry Australia Member Forum on Victorian DG Review and AICIS Cost Recovery -
17 July 2020



Chemistry Australia hosted a Member Forum via video conference on Friday 17 July 2020.

The Forum gave members the opportunity to discuss Mr Andrew Palmer QC’s review of Victoria’s Dangerous Goods legislation.  At the Forum, members were invited to identify specific examples of the issues of most concern to the industry and provide input into Chemistry Australia’s response.

Chemistry Australia also invited members to provide feedback on new AICIS cost recovery measures, which comes into effect on 1 September.   Chemistry Australia has expressed concern about this significant increase to Government and hosted the member discussion to help the Association further develop its position.

The Forum is the second member event Chemistry Australia has hosted by video conference.  While critical to its communications efforts during the pandemic, the video conference format has fostered strong participation across the membership and allowed Chemistry Australia to engage more of its members on key issues for the sector.

Chemistry Australia looks forward to hosting similar events in future.  If you have suggestions for other topics, please email Chemistry Australia at: [email protected].


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