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Leaders Forum on Digital Disruption and Innovation - 7 March 2018

Digital disruption is having a profound effect on how businesses operate, communicate and compete. Importantly, these technological and behavioural shifts bring significant opportunity - and risk - for Australian manufacturing and the business of chemistry.

At our Leaders Forum on Wednesday 7 March 2018, we examined how industry can respond to and take advantage of this disruption, using new technologies and automation, AI, big data, shifting consumer trust levels, and new supply chain models.

Our program also explored the role of innovation and collaboration in assisting the transformation, highlighting valuable industry-research programs that organisations can become involved in.

More than 80 guests from our membership and beyond enjoyed an afternoon of thought-provoking discussion with topic experts, industry leaders, the research sector and other stakeholders.

Guests also enjoyed excellent networking opportunities over lunch, afternoon tea, and canapés.


With thanks to our event partner and host PwC,
our strategic partner CSIRO, and
our event sponsor MODiv.


David Chuter
CEO and Managing Director, Innovative Manufacturing CRC
David presented on the advent of Industry 4.0, the evolution of new supply chain models, the potential impact on jobs, and the importance of partnerships in navigating the digital age.

Francesca Boase
Managing Director, Edelman Australia
With the recent release of the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, Francesca explored the continuing changes in consumer trust levels, perceptions of industry, and fear of innovation and technology.

Kate Eriksson
Partner, PwC Innovation and Digital

Kate revealed opportunities for Australian manufacturing chains to leverage the digital transformation, drawing on PwC's recent global survey of business digital IQ, how to use big data and AI, and how to build the ability to innovate within a company.

Ros Hore - Director Strategic Engagement
John Tsanaktsidis - Research Director
Ros reflected on the industry benefits and achievements of the Strategic Alliance between CSIRO and Chemistry Australia, and John shared some of CSIRO's significant output areas particularly flow chemistry.

Steve Dawson
CEO, Axieo
Steve talked about the business benefits of innovation and collaboration, as evidenced through Axieo's active involvement in the Green Chemical Futures facility (based at Monash University and supported by Chemistry Australia).

Representatives from the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Curtin University and the University of New South Wales
Guests learnt about a range of industry-research programs led by these universities and supported by Chemistry Australia, which are designed specifically to support the innovation and talent strategies of companies throughout manufacturing and industry supply chains.



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