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Chemistry Australia congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison - 21 May

Chemistry Australia congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison for election win

Chemistry Australia extends its congratulations to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his team on the re-election of the Liberal National Coalition Government.

Chemistry Australia and its members look forward to continuing their work with the Morrison Government to develop responsible, competitive and smart solutions that will address the pressing challenges facing Australia.

The chemistry sector will continue to emphasise the importance of affordable and reliable gas and energy; a clear vision for manufacturing in Australia; and a global approach to climate change.

Chemistry Australia CEO Samantha Read said it recognises the steps the Morrison Government has already taken to strengthen the economy and address energy affordability for consumers.  However, more needs to be done to establish settings for long-term investment in Australia’s manufacturing future.

“Australian manufacturers need access to affordable and reliable gas and electricity to be globally competitive,” said Ms Read

“Despite significant government intervention to increase affordable energy to domestic customers, gas prices are still too high, which is threatening the viability of Australia’s manufacturing base and making Australia an uncompetitive location for industrial manufacturing.”

“New opportunities are opening up for the chemistry sector in Australia and we would like to see the Federal Government partner with the Northern Territory Government to support investment in a Northern Territory gas-based manufacturing industry.

“Chemistry Australia and its members are committed to working with the Federal Government to address the decline in Australia’s economic complexity and position our country for long-term success.

“Chemistry Australia welcomes Morrison Government plans to champion Australian manufacturing and products through mechanisms like the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

“To support this initiative, we would like to see a reinvigoration of industry policy and a long-term plan established to attract investment in manufacturing, which is essential if industry is to continue providing meaningful, well-paid jobs for thousands of Australians well into the future.”

Chemistry Australia is also calling for long-term, consistent policy settings that provide certainty on climate change, which is critical to the future sustainability of industry and Australia’s long-term global competitiveness.

“Our members support a consistent approach to climate policy that strikes the right balance between meeting our climate commitments, maintaining jobs and opportunities provided by our current manufacturing base, and stimulating growth and continued investment in industry,” said Ms Read.

Media contacts:
Shayna Welsh – [email protected] or 0448 660 443


Chemistry Australia is the pre-eminent national body representing the $40 billion Australian chemistry industry, one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the country. The industry employs more than 60,000 people and contributes more than $10.8 billion to Australia’s GDP. Members of Chemistry Australia are positioned across the entire value chain including manufacturers, importers and distributors, logistics and supply chain partners, raw material suppliers, fabricators, compounders, recyclers, research, academia and service providers to the industry. These businesses range from small family-owned companies to leading national and multinational enterprises.  


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