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Case Studies

These case studies highlight the achievements of PACIA and our members in working on various projects and programs. 

The case studies offer an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others in addressing challenges in sustainability and operations.

PACIA wishes to thank and acknowledge the organisations that have provided funding support for a number of these projects.  PACIA also thanks the member companies for their efforts in the projects and in sharing these case studies with us, and with you as readers.

Implementing the Sustainability Leadership Framework 

Making the commitment

Signing up to PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework 
is a simple process but offers great value. It is a unique benefit 
of PACIA membership. 

In this case study three of our member 
companies explain why they became Framework signatories
and how their companies have benefited.


Assessing your business against the framework

PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework provides our
member companies with a highly valued, guided process 
to assess their sustainability priorities and identify new 

In this case study we examine how three companies 
have used the Framework to assess opportunities for business
improvements, and how they began implementing change.


Integrating sustainability into your business 

A critical step of any business strategy is to take action.
PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework assists our
member companies to do exactly that acting on their
sustainability priorities and opportunities.

In this case study, three of our member companies reveal their
motivations and experiences in integrating sustainability
using PACIA’s Framework.


Communicating progress

Through PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework, member
companies celebrate their successes and learn from each
other’s challenges. Importantly they also use the Framework
to communicate their progress.

In this case study we look at the steps that three of our member
companies have taken to convey their messages about their
diverse sustainability initiatives.


Non-manufacturers leveraging the Framework to ensure 
a viable future

Businesses with little or no manufacturing base can gain just as
much value from PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework
as manufacturers.

In this case study, we examine how three vastly different
non manufacturing companies are using the Framework to
deliver sustainability initiatives that improve their business
and that of their supply chain partners.


Member companies and their sustainability initiatives


Advanced Polymerik - From traditional batch to new flow chemistry
An innovative approach to chemical manufacturing in Australia piloted by Advanced Polymerik doubles yield and reduces energy and waste by 90%.


Andpak Targets 60% Energy Savings
40% production increase with new moulding machines

Australian Vinyls Water Recycling
Australian Vinyls cuts water use by 50% with new treatment plant

Australian Vinyls Zero Fresh Water Target
Australian Vinyls cuts water use by 50% with new treatment plant

Dulux turns supply chain waste into fine savings
A new waste elimination process involving the reuse and recovery of powder coating fines and waste has proved successful for Dulux and its supply chain.

LyondellBasell's ‘whole of life’ approach to the production and use of polypropylene
LyondellBasell Australia embeds sustainable business principles and benefits from its Sustainability Covenant with EPA Victoria and PACIA.

Marplex Recycling Carpet for Cars
From carpets to car parts, Marplex uses carpet waste to create automotive plastics

Nufarm Integrates Sustainability Strategy into 5 year strategic plan
Nufarm is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies, and adopted Cleaner Production and an annual Health, Safety and Environment report over a decade ago.

Nufarm solves limits in product and waste
The successful trial of a new process will recover 90% of materials discharged to trade waste.

Plantic cuts waste by 40 tonnes and improves productivity
Plantic Technologies has cut its waste to landfill by 40 tonnes and significantly improved its plant operating performance.

Qenos Water Treatment
Qenos meets water treatment challenge with holistic solution for trade waste 

Qenos Wax Waste to Product
Bottom line gain of nearly $1 million as Qenos converts waste wax to saleable product


Tapex creates recycling opportunities
Tapex led Plasback program creates farm plastic packaging recycling opportunities



Our supporting programs 

Working together to drive energy efficiency

This case study on the PACIA Carbon Solutions program
demonstrates how strategic partnerships between
PACIA, government and specialist providers informed
companies and helped them deliver significant energy
and greenhouse savings.


Partnership provides pathway to water efficiency

This case study outlines the Liquid Futures program, a
strategic and collaborative water initiative that brought
together PACIA, government and industry to drive
water improvements.





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