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Industry leaders from Qenos and Dow to head Association Board

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) is pleased to announce that Qenos CEO Jonathan Clancy, and Dow Chemical Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Tony Frencham, have been elected to lead the PACIA Board.

Mr Clancy has been elected PACIA Chairman and Mr Frencham PACIA Vice-Chairman of the PACIA Board, commencing immediately.

“Mr Clancy and Mr Frencham are both passionate advocates for the Australian chemistry industry with extensive experience domestically and internationally. We are extremely fortunate to have their leadership at the Board,” said Samantha Read, PACIA CEO.

“Jonathan is a firm believer in the power of engagement to motivate change. I can’t think of a better quality to lead the Board of the peak association for our strategically important industry.

“Earlier this year Qenos had the honour of being named Good Corporate Citizen of the Year at the Victoria Day Ceremony, in the Melbourne Town Hall. This award is a testament to the strong and positive leadership that we know will be a feature of Jonathan’s tenure as PACIA Chairman,” said Ms Read.

Commenting on the appointment Jonathan Clancy said: “I am delighted to be elected by my industry peers, and look forward to working together with Samantha Read and the team at PACIA to drive real industry outcomes. I am exceptionally proud of the real difference the high value adding and highly skilled business of chemistry makes to the everyday lives of Australians. This is not always well understood, and I think a key challenge for the industry moving forward.”

Samantha Read said that, “PACIA is delighted to have Tony Frencham back in Australia following a series of global roles, most recently in the United Arab Emirates.”

“Tony brings a unique combination of deep industry knowledge and global management experience that enables us to play to our strengths for a competitive chemistry Industry in Australia. Dow’s global leadership on industry strategy makes Tony’s election particularly exciting for the Australian chemistry industry,” said Ms Read.

Observing the influence of his recent experience, Tony Frencham commented: “Australian business is a part of global competition, whether a company is an exporter or not. My experience in global markets has highlighted that we will need a coordinated and strategic approach to ensure the Australian chemistry industry will compete in this dynamic landscape. I am looking forward to helping to lead coordinated action at PACIA with the Board, and drive the action agenda outlined in the ‘PACIA Strategic Industry Roadmap’.”

Jonathan Clancy assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Qenos, the sole manufacturer of polyethylene in Australia, in 2009. Mr Clancy has extensive experience in change management and strategy. He took the lead role in ensuring the successful integration of ChemChina International with Qenos and has subsequently driven an extensive Knowledge Exchange program. He is the Managing Director on the Qenos Board and is also a member of the ChemChina joint venture (Bluestar) Board.

Tony Frencham is the geographic leader for Dow in Australia and New Zealand responsible for country operations and business development, based in Melbourne, Australia. Previously he provided leadership in a series of roles responsible for the development of the Sadara joint venture in Saudi Arabia between Dow and Saudi Aramco. Mr Frencham joined Dow Australia in Altona in 1989.


Media contact:  Claire Selby, [email protected], 0448 028 876.
Released 25 September 2014


PACIA is the pre-eminent national body representing Australia¹s $40bn chemistry industry, whose businesses directly employ 60,000 people and contribute approximately 11.5% of total Australian manufacturing production. PACIA members comprise a broad range of companies positioned across the entire value chain.  Members include chemicals manufacturers, importers and distributors, logistics and supply chain partners, raw material suppliers, plastics fabricators and compounders, chemicals and plastics recyclers and service providers to the industry.  These businesses range from small family-owned companies and innovative medium-sized enterprises, to leading national and multinational enterprises.

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