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PACIA welcomes the Energy White Paper and ACCC review into gas markets - 8 April 2015

PACIA welcomes today’s release of the Australian Government’s Energy White Paper.

The proposed approach to improving access and affordability by major industrial gas users aligns with the views of PACIA and other gas user associations. This approach will improve access to Australian gas through increased supply, ensure competition and transparency, and encourage more flexible trading arrangements.

PACIA particularly welcomes the news that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will review the effectiveness of competition in the gas market. This is consistent with the need for a market-based solution to the now critical issue of East Coast gas supply and to ensure the domestic market is functioning properly.

PACIA CEO Samantha Read said, “A deep, liquid, competitive, transparent and informed domestic gas market provides a robust and reliable basis for Australia to take advantage of all the opportunities for economic development that gas offers including energy exports, chemical feedstock use, advanced manufacturing, commercial and residential use”.

“It is also beneficial that the paper confirms a coordinated plan to improve gas supply by working with states and territories on better regulation and facilitation of the responsible development of unconventional gas resources,” Ms Read said.

Ms Read noted that the report failed to recognise the benefit derived through the transformation of gas when used as an industrial feedstock.

“Chemistry turns gas into jobs and exports. The products of this advanced chemistry add significant value to Australia’s resources and enable other sectors in the economy to succeed.”

“In addition to acknowledging the importance of LNG to a resources-based economy, it is critical to harness the value of gas for an advanced manufacturing economy and to meet unprecedented global and domestic growth opportunities.”

“Domestic gas supply is a national issue that requires coordinated leadership from state, territory and Australian governments. We look forward to continuing to work with all jurisdictions to address the urgent challenges in gas market transformation and realising the opportunities provided by gas.”

View Ms Read’s recent keynote speech, Manufacturing our Future with Gas, delivered at the Australian Domestic Gas Conference 2015, held last month in Sydney.

Read the Energy White Paper.


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