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PACIA welcomes Northern Territory Government announcement on increased gas supply - 17 November 2015

PACIA, the voice of the Australian chemistry industry, welcomes the Northern Territory Government's announcement of the winning bid for the North Eastern Gas Interconnector (NEGI) pipeline.

Samantha Read, PACIA CEO, said, "We congratulate the Northern Territory Government on its commitment to increase the supply of gas into the market. The NEGI pipeline is a strategically critical investment for the Australian economy. It is vital to the future supply of gas in Australia, and necessary in building a strong and competitive nation."

The pipeline will deliver natural gas from Northern Territory gas reserves into the east coast gas market via Mt Isa.

"Australia must position itself to take advantage of all the opportunities that natural gas offers," said Ms Read.

"Natural gas is an essential and non-substitutable feedstock for the Australian chemistry industry. Using smart chemistry, the industry transforms the components of natural gas – ethane and methane – into an incredibly diverse range of products such as fertilisers to increase agricultural yields, piping to supply water and gas to industrial and residential users, and ingredients for personal care products."

"The improved supply of gas into the chemistry industry in Mt Isa illustrates the important role of gas as a feedstock in a diverse and competitive economy."

"These high value-added products are used by Australians every day. Just as importantly, these products will assist in the development of Australian agriculture and will create export opportunities that enable Australia to meet growing demand in the global market," said Ms Read.

Media contact: Krista Imberger – [email protected] or 0439 318 290

PACIA is the national voice for the strategically significant $45 billion Australian chemistry industry, one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the country. The industry employs more than 64,000 people and contributes more than $11.5 billion to GDP in industry value add. Ranging in size from small family-owned businesses to national and multi-national enterprises, PACIA members include chemicals manufacturers, importers and distributors, logistics and supply chain partners, raw material suppliers, plastics fabricators and compounders, chemicals and plastics recyclers and service providers to the industry.

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