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5 Minute Guides on how to improve water efficiency

The PACIA 5 Minute Guide series examines water usage and provides member companies with the tools to evaluate and measure their water usage to ensure they operate efficiently and potentially make significant water, energy and money savings.

PACIA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Department of Sustainability and Environment and EPA Victoria and the contribution and work undertaken by Arup in compiling the Guides, and the Liquid Futures Steering Committee members for overseeing the program.

There are 9 titles in the series they include:


Top 10 Water Saving Actions
(1.1MB PDF)

Understanding water, sewage and trade waste bills
(1.1MB PDF)

Establishing a water baseline and measuring success 


Rainwater Harvesting

Matching water and purpose
(2.5MB PDF)

How to improve boilers and steam efficiencies
(2.6MB PDF)

How to reduce the water use of Cooling Towers and Chillers
(1.2MB PDF)

Reduce trade waste impact
(2.7MB PDF)

The new frontiers in water efficiency and conservation



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