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PACIA corporate branding

PACIA branding style guide and logos for download

PACIA Logo style guide and downloads

PACIA's logo and tagline work together as our corporate branding and must not be split.

The logo lockups are available for download in our corporate colours of blue and gold and as a reversed monochrome.

The PACIA logo lockup must be used on a plain background that does not interfere with readability.

If other company logos are displayed near the PACIA logo lockup, please ensure spacing equivalent to the width of the “A” in PACIA is present around the entire logo block.

Use of the PACIA logo in external texts and websites

Use of the PACIA logo lockup by third parties for advertising or sales promotion for a company or product is not permitted without express approval from PACIA.

For larger files, different formats or for third party advertising use, please contact us at [email protected]


Download jpg files:

   PACIA black and gold stacked       PACIA black and gold stacked reverse       
 PACIA Mono stacked PACIA Mono stacked reversed  
PACIA black and gold landscape
PACIA Mono landscape
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