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The Chemistry Australia work plans and policy agenda are supported by the Chemistry Australia Council and two advisory councils, the Regulatory Council and the Social Licence Council.

Council representatives are from across the membership, and play an extremely valuable role in providing industry leadership, insight and input to inform the work of Chemistry Australia.

Chemistry Australia Council

The Chemistry Australia Council develops and oversees work plans for specific policy areas, as determined by key priorities in the Strategic Industry Roadmap. The Council is also responsible for overseeing new strategy to progress the industry’s Roadmap, providing key leadership to inform future directions for the industry and the Chemistry Australia priority work areas.

The Chemistry Australia Council has oversight of the Advisory Councils, and also supports the involvement of Chemistry Australia in a range of focused issue groups and alliances with affiliated associations.

Members sitting on the Council represent the diversity of the Chemistry Australia membership, with representatives from manufacturers, converters, logistics, research, and academia.

Regulatory Council

The Regulatory Council advises the Chemistry Australia secretariat on federal and state regulatory matters affecting the industry. Work areas include:

  • Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment (NICNAS)
  • Environmental regulations
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Major hazard facilities
  • The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
  • Transport and storage
  • Dangerous goods
  • Chemistry Australia programs and initiatives to support and promote industry best practice 

Social Licence Council

The Social Licence Council advises the Chemistry Australia secretariat on social licence matters relating to Social Licence. Work areas include:
  • Responsible Care – the global chemistry’s industry initiative to improve the health, safety and environmental performance of operations and to increase community involvement and awareness of the industry.
  • Health and Safety – including the production of the annual Health and Safety Performance Report
  • Product stewardship – the responsible management of the products of chemistry through the supply chain
  • Chemistry Australia programs and initiatives to support and promote industry best practice


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